Pakistan Will Export Mobile Phones From January 2022 (Abdul Razak Dawood)

 On Tuesday a meeting of the senate standing committee was held in Parliament house Islamabad. The hot topic was commerce. The meeting was chaired by the Committee chairman senator Zeeshan Khanzada and Abdul Razak Dawood, adviser to the Prime minister( Commerce and Industry) also attended. The senior government official Abdul Razak added that Pakistan will start exporting mobile phones from the next year January 2022.

He also said that we invited Samsung to set up in Pakistan and we contacted them many times but they apologized. So, Samsung is not investing in Pakistan. These words shocked many people because in the past the largest small phone maker company (Samsung) was going to foregather mobile phones in Pakistan with Lucky group in December. And on this joint venture Hammad Azhar ( the federal minister of energy) had congratulated both on the idea of manufacturing smart mobile phones in Pakistan. On this statement, there was no one from the Lucky group to respond.

But the good news is that China is going to initiate a factory in Karachi. But yet the exports are slow because of covid-19. As earlier the export of rice has been stopped by China from Pakistan because coronavirus was found on the rice sack by six companies.

The adviser also said that from the last two and half years the government's focus is on exports. And did not face cash flow problems even due to covid.

The only thing that displeased the committee members was that the commerce secretary couldn't attend the meeting while others from remote areas have joined. The additional secretary added that due to being involved in preparations for expo 2021 he was unable to attend the meeting.

The commerce additional secretary said that sales tax has been diminished and incentives are provided. We also have a new trading partner. Its Experts have increased and we hope for more exports in the IT field next year.

He also added that our main focus is enhancing exports in the latest development sectors rather than traditional ones.

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