Covid-19 Certificate scanning app released today on 30th July 2021

Covid certificate scanning app released today for the event organizers and service providers. Due to covid situation protection is the first priority. After getting vaccinated certificates are issued. To check the validity of these certificates The National Institute for Public health has launched an app. This app will be available for Event organizers and service providers.

This app is built for public marches, cultural and sports events, and for service(hospitality, accommodation) providers who are connected with the government and need to check the certificates of guests and the audience.

It works by simply reducing workloads. You only need to scan the QR code from the EU digital Covid certificate. It checks whether the person is vaccinated or not got tested for vaccinated or get recovered from covid. All these pieces of information are collected without examining individual information.

Easily check that the certificate is valid or not and meets the rules of Slovenia. You can get the mobile app from the e-health zVem portal. so get the app and make your work easy for the protection and safety of a lot of people.

Timely get vaccinated and get your covid certificates. The use of this app will bring you all covid related data on the mobile screen.

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