Facebook is developing AI for detecting users Under 13

Indeed it's not left-hand work to detect and remove the users under 13. Facebook always cared about its users and convinced people not to tell a lie about their age. And also developing Artificial intelligence to determine the age of users belonging to the under 13  age group.

As Facebook and Instagram are not created for users of age under 13 so they are taking steps to avoid and remove users under 13 from signing up.VP of youth products at Facebook Panvi Dewanji said: 

"We're developing AI to find and remove underaged accounts, and new solutions to verify people's ages. We're also building new experiences designed specifically for those under 13,"

 Facebook also collaborates with operating system providers such as browsers to get confirmation about a user's age.

May gave the suggestion of collecting ID cards but they refused as it has significant limitations to this approach.

So they keep an eye on the users via the birthday wishes to see if they have mentioned the correct birth date or not. For this purpose the information you upload on Facebook like date of birth etc they use with the Instagram account.

At the time when you sign up and are asked to provide the date of birth, it's called the age screen. Facebook has already developed a technology to estimate a user's age if they are below or above 18.

Facebook said that:

"Where we do feel we need more information, we're developing a menu of options for someone to prove their age. This is a work in progress and we'll have more to share in time," 

So they are focusing on the existing data to inform artificial technology. Hope so this innovative step will help a lot in keeping underage users away from Facebook and other social media apps.

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