SkateBIRD Release gets delayed in September 2021

SkateBird gets delayed for a month now it will release in September. It was going to release on12 August 2021 but now its new date is announced. And it will be released on 16 September 2021.

Its release date gets delayed because of some bugs. About which developer of Glass Bottom Games said that 

“We're delaying to Sept 16

Sorry! We hit some SDK/etc kinda bugs at the last minute, so it made more sense to push the date.

Why? Usual reasons. Shipping a game is hard. Hit some bugs, SDK stuff where the old code worked but the new one suddenly didn't, you get the idea. Gave us more time to polish other stuff though, so that's nice!

And shared a video in which bird skates on the computer keyword and the computer malfunctions.

So due to the above reasons they delayed the game and apologized. so due to malfunctioned movements of the birds and skateboard, it gets delayed.

StakeBIRD is a very interesting game in which a bird and bird-sized skateboard are involved. A bird on the skateboard moves towards completing missions, proving a loyal bird fellow helping other fellows.

SkateBIRD will be released via a switch, Xbox, PC(stream & Microsoft store) on the 12 September 2021 on Thursday. This game will cost £15 or $19.99. It will release a game pass for the same day. Must play this game and make your day. A lot of people wait for its release. Hoping for the bugs to be fixed and its release soon on 16 September 2021.

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