A game that Directly responds to touch is coming out on 17th August by Google Stadia

 According to 9to5google, a game” Humankind” featuring a direct-touch control method is going to be released on 17th August 2021. They have introduced multi-touch finger input and you don”t need any Bluetooth controller or gamepad overlay. So if you don’t have a keyboard & mouse you can play games via a touchscreen-based controller. So Easy!

Google also shared Screenshots showing how the touch control method will work. And they have detailed that to select any option tap on the screen, to preview hold with one finger, to cancel tap with two fingers. To pass the menu tap the screen with three fingers. to move drag the finger.

  • Tap: Tap with 1  finger to select.
  • Hold: for preview hold with 1 finger.
  • Two Finger Tap: To cancel tap with 2  fingers.
  • Three Finger Tap: To toggle the pause menu tap with 3  fingers.
  • Drag: To move drag with 1 finger.

On Google stadia, Humankind will also offer a “leave the mark “strategy. According to it once you have played the final round of the single-player games you can imprint a state share link on your completed challenges, memorable events, and moments you left behind. if you share this link with your friends they will be able to start the game from the same seed. They will also compare both played games to who earned more fame.

It is quite easy to share a state link, just take a picture or record a video and send it to your friend. Next stadia will automatically perform imprinting. And others can see your achievement and can also claim what you achieved.


Humankind will be released on 17th August. But, also available for pre-Order

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