Call Of Duty Mobile Season 7: Trailer is going to Release soon!

Call of Duty is a first-person shooter & multiplayer video game. This video game franchise released a mobile version in 2019 and published by Activision. It is played and admired a lot. It's season 6 just released in July.

A lot of people are anxious about the trailer release of the call of duty mobile. As the trailer will hint a lot about season 7.So not only they are waiting for the trailer but also the COD Mobile season 7.So we are updating you with CAll of Duty trailer and COD Mobile season 7 release date.

About the trailer of Season 7.Call of duty, the official has tweeted the following.

The Call of Duty Gaming community always looks for the new trailer when a season comes out. The trailer shows players what is expected to come in the new season. As season 6 of Call of Duty was released in July So, It is expected that Season 7 of call of duty will be released in early September.

Players also wonder about Batlle pass and the new rewards they get as they level up. We will also share the new weapons, maps, and rewards of the upcoming season as they will be updated. It is expected Season 7 will be released with a better theme.

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