CarbonWatch first-ever mobile app that counts Individual’s Carbon Footprint

 For assessing and counting an individual's carbon footprint first-ever mobile app CarbonWatch is launched. This Application is developed by India's Department of  Environment and Forest. It determines the person’s daily carbon emission by considering transportation, waste separation, electricity consumption, and water usage.

CarbonWatch allows users to fill in the information regarding carbon emission then calculate the person’s carbon footprint and score between 0 to 10. Data to be filled is related to electricity consumption, water usage, transportation distance, and waste separation. In the energy category; electricity units consumed per month, their monthly bills, solar energy expense, and the cooking connection are kept under consideration. In the waste category; waste produced is included with it separated or not. Under the group of transportation, you need to fill in the information related to the total distance covered in a month via bus, train, Auto four-wheeler, 2-wheeler or bicycle, etc. It also covers the total flight hours covered the Water usage portion, you need to enter all the information regarding your water consumption. Carbon Watch would include global and national levels of average consumption.

This Mobile application will help a lot in awareness of climate change and its solution. You will be able to estimate your personal carbon emission comparative to global and national averages of carbon emission. It will keep minimizing carbon emissions for playing a crucial role in mitigation strategies. Furthermore, this application will also show the most recent pollution level.


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