Game server monetization feature for multiplayer games get released;

Today, released a game server monetization feature for multiplayer games. Where is an online membership program where content creators get empowered by building a successful subscription business. Minecraft, Conan, ARK, Rust, and 7 Days to Die, with more games coming soon, are supported by this game monetization server.

Now, game creators can get attached with a for receiving payments from game fellows and are provided 100% of their generated revenue. Rather than sharing payments from ads and donations with service providers, game server monetization is the finest feature for earning.

With host can limit the server with their custom payment walls. In the case of guest players host can limit the number of tokens according to sponsorship level. There are not any limitations regarding the number of tokens that a host can collect.

Glimpse CEO Paolo Cammarata said;

"Gaming content creators have limited options for monetizing servers because they either have to share revenue with service providers or don't have access to such a feature," 


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