New subsea cable system: Facebook and Google announced their participation

A new subsea cable system is being introduced for 2024 To improve the Internet connectivity from Asia to the Pacific region. Google and Facebook announced their participation in this system.

Facebook said that;

“New subsea system’s infrastructure will build links among Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Guam, Philippines, and Indonesia. And it will provide 5G wireless connectivity and broadband access to serve growing demands.”Furthermore, for connecting Singapore to the U.S west coast, Bifrost and Echo two new connecting cables were announced, with Google participating in the latter.

In a Blog Post Google Said;

“The Echo & Apricot cables are essential submarine systems and will play a role in improving the resilience of Google Cloud and other digital services of the Company. According to Facebook, the new fiber-optic joining the Asia-Pacific has an initial design capacity of more than 190 terabits per second. Both companies are investing in building the infrastructure of internet connectivity in areas observing the highest growth potential.

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