Oppo patents vein unlocking for its wearable devices; Working

 Oppo, a smartphone manufacturing company, had applied for a patent for new technology in 2019. And this patent was recently granted. The new technology is about vein unlocking systems and will be used in wearable devices.

Gizmochina reported on Friday, ”This will be like a biometric security system and will use vein unlocking”. It has the patent number “CN110298944B” and will use the "Venous Unlocking Method and Vein Unlocking Device." 

 It was said in the report that This system will probably map the user’s vein thickness for identification and authorization. In short, it's a biometric system just like the fingerprint sensor and face recognition. It will use veins for identification just the device of G that maps the thickness and characteristics of the user's veins for unlocking. This system could have various applications in various products from Chinese tech giants. Unless its finer details and features are not exposed.Will be shared soon as unveiled by the company.

This will be specially used for smart bands and smartwatches. Moreover, the report added that they are not sure whether the company will produce such a system or will cover bases. 

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