Xiaomi Launched Robot Dog having smartphone technology

 A large yellow robot was created by Boston Dynamics named” Spot”.It was seen wandering along sidewalks of Us streets. It was also the first robot dog of its kind that was available to the public. It's 24 inches in size and weighs 72 lbs.

Now, Xiaomi has designed a cyber dog that is very similar to Spot but quite different in its smartphone features. It is also much lighter than spot sizing about 17.7 inches and 31lb weight. The spot is much like a german shepherd and Xiaomi's cyber dog-like cocker spaniel. The latest canine experiment of Xiaomi featuring smartphone technology in front of Artificial Intelligence.

It is having the following features;

This CyberDog has come with worldly skills and abilities with mapping making them able to see and locate their surroundings. It also makes them run at 7.5miles per hour. Xiaomi said, there are 1000 units of this new Artificial intelligence canine being ma—er, bred. They will be made available at a very low price of $1,550 which is much lower compared to the $74,000 Boston dynamics charged for the spot. The coolest thing about CyberDog of Xiaomi it comes with open-source software. It also has remote and voice activation  HDMI port and 3 USB-C ports, Collectively, there's plenty of room to play in for tech enthusiasts who will purchase this interesting CyberDog. 

Here is the video of CyberDg presented by Xiaomi.

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